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October 8, 2012

Hello Doctors,

How is your preparation for the test going on.Keep up with your hard work.

Here are few questions  with answers for a quick revision.

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1.A 62 year old lady has progressive slowing of movements since 2 years. She has Rigidity and rectangular slow wave jerking movements. Most probable diagnosis is

A.Progressive Supranuclear Palsy
B. Lewy-Body Dementia 
C. Parkinsonism 
D. Multiple System Atrophy 

2. After removal of the Parotid gland, patient is having sweating on cheeks while eating. Auriculotemporal nerve which contains parasympathetic secretomotor fibers to parotid gland is fused with

A. Greater Petrosal Nerve 
B. Facial Nerve 
C. Greater Auricular Nerve
D. Buccal Nerve 

3. Which scientific principle is the basis for Thermodilution method used in measurement of cardiac output by Pulmon

A. Hagen-Poisseuille Principle
B. Stewart-Hamilton Principle 
C. Bernoulli’s Principle 
D. Universal Gas Equation 

4. An alcoholic with poor judgment and decreased in skilled motor movements. Blood alcohol level would be

A. 30-80 mg/dl 
B. 80-200 mg/dl
C. 200-300 mg/dl 
D. >300 mg/dl 

 5. A lady had Meningioma with inflammatory edematous lesion. She was planned for surgery. Junior resident’s mistake in writing pre-op notes is

A. Stop Steroids
B. Wash head with shampoo
C. Antibiotic Sensitivity
D. Antiepileptic

 6. A patient of Crohn’s Disease, underwent resection anastomosis. Now presents on 7th post-op day with anastomotic site leak from a fistula. Everyday leakage volume adds up to 150-200ml. There is no intra-abdominal collection and the patient is stable without any complains. What will be the next line of management?

A. Do conservative treatment and leave him and hope for the spontaneous resolution
B. Perform Laparotomy and check for leakage site and healthy margins 
C. Perform Laparotomy and completely exteriorize the fistula 
D. Perform Laparotomy and place lateral drains and leave 

7. External Hemorrhoids, distal to dentate line is

A. Painful
B. Skin Tag is not seen in these cases 
C. May turn malignant 
D. ligation is done as management 

8. Which of the following is characteristic of Basal Cell Carcinoma?

A. Foam Cells 
B. Nuclear Palisades
C. Keratin Pearls 
D. Presence of intercellular bridges 

9. A patient has 2 fingernails and 1 toenail tunneling since 1 year. Rapid Diagnosis is done by

A. Woods Lamp Examination 
B. KOH mount  
C. Slit Smear Examination 
D. skin biopsy 

10. Lady with a history of previous C Section told the anesthetist that in spite of spinal anesthesia, she was aware of the procedure. What should be done to monitor depth of anesthesia?

A. Pulse Oximetry 
B. Train of Four 
C. Bispectral Imaging  
D. End Tidal CO2 

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