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Issues with current PG Programs.

1.Presently there are different types of postgraduate programs being run in the country in medical science in Postgraduate Diplomas; Postgraduate degrees;Postdoctoral degrees (DM and MCh);. Post DM/ MCh fellowships (non MCI); Post MD / MS Fellowships run by the NBE and some universities and Post MBBS certificate courses (non MCI).

2. There is no uniformity of syllabus across the country particularly for the fellowship and certificate courses which are largely dictated by available expertise at the various institutions conducting those programs. At present the fellowship and certificate courses are not under the purview of the MCI(medical council of India) and are awarded by Universities or individual institutions.

 3.Diploma courses are primarily meant for producing physicians for secondary level care. Unfortunately the curriculum of diplomas and degree programs in the same subject are more or less the same except for the additional research component in the degree course and although the duration of training is different.

Similarities between Diploma & MD/MS

●Course content is almost the same

●Skills expected are the same

●Standard of examinations is more or less the same

Drawbacks of existing Diplomas

●Instead of providing specialists for secondary level health care, diplomas are used merely as the first step by those who are unable to get a seat in degree programs. After diplomas they are in a queue to join degree courses. In this process, we see several anomalies like candidates with a diploma in gynaecology followed by a degree in pediatrics which is merely dictated by seat availability rather than interest of the candidate.

●Number of diploma seats nationally is far less than degrees although the need is probably greater for specialists with diplomas to serve in smaller towns and villages.

●There is no rationality in selection of subjects for diplomas since other subjects which may have equal need for secondary care specialists like surgery, medicine etc. do not have a diploma course.