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 The common entrance test (CET) for admission to Medical Under/Post-graduate Courses across the country i.e. National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test for Medical Under/Postgraduate Courses – MBBS/MD/MS/Diploma (NEET-UG/PG ) shall be held from 2012 .

Need for National Eligibility Entrance Examination (NEET)

It was felt that common entrance examination is essential as it:

● Ensures uniformity across the country,

● Sets a minimum standard and

● Is convenient for the candidates.

● Saves resources.

● Takes care of malpractices


i. To counter act disparities in existing syllabus in inter & intra states and to ensure level playing field acommon syllabus is proposed for all the examinations including MBBS entrance, MBBS exit examination & PG entrance examinations and Superspecialties entrance examinations.

ii. Reservation of seats as applicable to the states would be taken care of in all common entrance examination

Based on the recommendations of undergraduate (UG) curriculum committee and post-graduate (PG) curriculum committee, MCI also intends to conduct licentiate examination after internship completion to qualify for Indian Medical Graduate (IMG) status. The UG and PG curriculum committees after various discussions opined that IMG licentiate examination and common entrance examination for PG i.e. National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET-PG) would be separate. The essential reason is that IMG examination shall assess the minimum defined standards for a competent doctor relevant to Indian needs whereas the NEETPG examination is intended for ranking with explicit need to differentiate students for merit. The UG/PG committees suggested to hold the NEET-PG prior to internship so that a candidate spend time for preparing during internship.