NEET PG Practice Test from 23rd Oct 2012

1.NBE has declared that NEET PG Practice Test for NEET PGĀ scheduled to be held from 23rd November to 6th December 2012 shall be uploaded on NEET PG website on 23rd October 2012.

2.The practice test is a sample computer based test that is intended to familiarize the candidates with the navigation and functionality of NEET PG.

3.Besides sample questions the practice test also includes a tutorial on using the various features of the test like moving between screens, selecting, de-selecting, marking and reviewing responses etc.

4.The sample questions in the practice test are not representative of the content and difficulty level of the actual test. The scheme of examination and the syllabus can be seen from the information bulletin for NEET PG.

5.You canĀ visit the NEET PG Practice Test link at website to access the practice test. Candidates can access the practice test by entering their valid e-mail ID and testing ID.


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