After the feedback review by MCI, they have decided to reduce the topics of physics which are not in relation to medical stream.

These topics include:

Class XI of Physics

Syllabus Portion

1.UNIT VII: Properties of Bulk Matter

Deleted portions details:-

Pressure due to fluid column; Pascal’s law and its applications (hydraulic  lift and hydraulic brakes). Effect of gravity of fluid pressure.

Syllabus Portion

 2.UNIT IX: Behaviour of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory

 Deleted portions details:-

Kinetic theory of gases: rms speed of gas molecules; Avogadro’s number.

 Class XII of Physics

Syllabus Portion

1.UNIT X: Communication System

Deleted portions details:-

Entire portion of the unit is deleted.

Elements of a communication system (block diagram only); bandwidth of signals(speech, TV and digital data); bandwidth of transmission medium. Propagation of electromagnetic waves in the atmosphere, sky and space wave propagation. Need for modulation. Production and detection of an amplitude –modulated wave.

All the rest topics of Physics for Class 11 and 12 are same as the old draft syllabus.



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