NEET PG 2013

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NEET PG Practice Test from 23rd Oct 2012

1.NBE has declared that NEET PG Practice Test for NEET PG scheduled to be held from 23rd November to 6th December 2012 shall be uploaded on NEET PG website on 23rd October 2012.

2.The practice test is a sample computer based test that is intended to familiarize the candidates with the navigation and functionality of NEET PG.

3.Besides sample questions the practice test also includes a tutorial on using the various features of the test like moving between screens, selecting, de-selecting, marking and reviewing responses etc.

4.The sample questions in the practice test are not representative of the content and difficulty level of the actual test. The scheme of examination and the syllabus can be seen from the information bulletin for NEET PG.

5.You can visit the NEET PG Practice Test link at website to access the practice test. Candidates can access the practice test by entering their valid e-mail ID and testing ID.

National Board of Examinations ( for NEET PG)  has declared  November 24th, 2012 as Testing Day for NEET-PG.

According to NBE,  the NEET-PG scheduled to be conducted from 23rd November to 6th December 2012 will now also be conducted on 24th November 2012 (which was earlier a non-testing day).

 Test Seats for NEET-PG will be available for 24th November 2012 (forenoon session), at all test centers in 33 cities from 09.30am onwards on 19th October 2012.

 Applicants may visit the registration link at website to schedule their test center and dates for NEET-PG.

For Neet PG 2012-2013 Test  from November 23rd to December 6th 2012:

As per the eligibility criteria , all applicant candidates are required to produce their original certificate of provisional /permanent registration with the State Medical Council (SMC)/ Medical Council of India (MCI) at the test centre before appearing in the NEET-PG (on the date of their scheduled test day).

This is in addition to the production of an original and Valid ID(any one)  as


-Voters Regn. ID Card

-Aadhar Card


-Driving License

 Also,Candidates are required to bring the original SMC/MCI certificate along with a clear photocopy of the same.

This photocopy shall be retained at the test centre after verifying the original certificate.

 Candidates who do not produce their provisional /permanent registration certificate with SMC/MCI will not be allowed to appear in the NEET-PG under any circumstances.

In case the certificate of provisional registration has been deposited with the MCI/SMC, an acknowledgement/receipt of the same with photocopy of certificate is required to be produced.

Candidates who have incorrectly filled in their status of registration with the State Medical Council /Medical Council of India at the time of registration for NEET-PG may be debarred from appearing in future examinations.

Test Day Documentary Requirements:

1. Provisional / Permanent Certificate of Registration of MCI/SMC in original (plus a photocopy) 

2. One original & valid ID document namely PAN CARD/Voters Regn. ID Card/Aadhar Card/Passport/Driving License

3. Admit Card with attested photo of candidate.

Regarding NEET PG 2012-2013:



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October 8, 2012

Hello Doctors,

How is your preparation for the test going on.Keep up with your hard work.

Here are few questions  with answers for a quick revision.

All the best!

1.A 62 year old lady has progressive slowing of movements since 2 years. She has Rigidity and rectangular slow wave jerking movements. Most probable diagnosis is

A.Progressive Supranuclear Palsy
B. Lewy-Body Dementia 
C. Parkinsonism 
D. Multiple System Atrophy 

2. After removal of the Parotid gland, patient is having sweating on cheeks while eating. Auriculotemporal nerve which contains parasympathetic secretomotor fibers to parotid gland is fused with

A. Greater Petrosal Nerve 
B. Facial Nerve 
C. Greater Auricular Nerve
D. Buccal Nerve 

3. Which scientific principle is the basis for Thermodilution method used in measurement of cardiac output by Pulmon

A. Hagen-Poisseuille Principle
B. Stewart-Hamilton Principle 
C. Bernoulli’s Principle 
D. Universal Gas Equation 

4. An alcoholic with poor judgment and decreased in skilled motor movements. Blood alcohol level would be

A. 30-80 mg/dl 
B. 80-200 mg/dl
C. 200-300 mg/dl 
D. >300 mg/dl 

 5. A lady had Meningioma with inflammatory edematous lesion. She was planned for surgery. Junior resident’s mistake in writing pre-op notes is

A. Stop Steroids
B. Wash head with shampoo
C. Antibiotic Sensitivity
D. Antiepileptic

 6. A patient of Crohn’s Disease, underwent resection anastomosis. Now presents on 7th post-op day with anastomotic site leak from a fistula. Everyday leakage volume adds up to 150-200ml. There is no intra-abdominal collection and the patient is stable without any complains. What will be the next line of management?

A. Do conservative treatment and leave him and hope for the spontaneous resolution
B. Perform Laparotomy and check for leakage site and healthy margins 
C. Perform Laparotomy and completely exteriorize the fistula 
D. Perform Laparotomy and place lateral drains and leave 

7. External Hemorrhoids, distal to dentate line is

A. Painful
B. Skin Tag is not seen in these cases 
C. May turn malignant 
D. ligation is done as management 

8. Which of the following is characteristic of Basal Cell Carcinoma?

A. Foam Cells 
B. Nuclear Palisades
C. Keratin Pearls 
D. Presence of intercellular bridges 

9. A patient has 2 fingernails and 1 toenail tunneling since 1 year. Rapid Diagnosis is done by

A. Woods Lamp Examination 
B. KOH mount  
C. Slit Smear Examination 
D. skin biopsy 

10. Lady with a history of previous C Section told the anesthetist that in spite of spinal anesthesia, she was aware of the procedure. What should be done to monitor depth of anesthesia?

A. Pulse Oximetry 
B. Train of Four 
C. Bispectral Imaging  
D. End Tidal CO2 

Also test your skills with our practice test for NEET PG at 

We hope it helps you in your preparation .


AIIMS, PGI Chandigarh  &  JIPMER which have been set up by acts of Parliament, will have their own entrance procedures and will not be included in National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for postgraduate medical courses(NEET PG).

Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) and all othe medical colleges will be a part of NEET-PG.

The NEET-PG for dental courses will be conducted by AIIMS for admission in MDS courses offered  by all dental colleges coming under the ambit of the Dental Council of India.

A total of 20,000 seats are available through NEET-PG in 350 Medical Colleges.

Over 54,000 medicos have registered online in the first two days for the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test for Postgraduates (NEET-PG),the common entrance test for all post-graduate courses in medical colleges across the country for 2013-14. Over 38,000 candidates completed their registration process in the first 24 hours when registration started inspite of the initial glitches in the system. The online registration started on November 4th and will continue till November 12, 2012.

Number of available seats through NEET-PG is 20,000 in 350 medical colleges across the country.

The NEET PG test, conducted by the National Board of Examinations ( NBE) in partnership with Prometric, will be administered over 10 days between November 23 and December 6, 2012 at selected test centres across 33 cities in the country.

NEET PG Update

October 5, 2012

The first day of application process for NEET PG started with quite a stress. The Bank branches were ill equipped to handle the huge crowd .Not only getting vouchers  from the bank but the registration process created lots of problems for the candidates. The website didnt work properly because of the heavy overload.The online registration system was glitch-ridden and many candidates who managed to register didnt get the centre of their choice.

For all the candidates who have made some mistake in their registration form can correct it by going to and select    “Edit Profile” to make changes to your personal details such as address or “Edit Application” to make changes to your application data such as educational information.

The ability to edit application profile and application details will be available till 11:59 PM IST on 12 November 2012.

In case you are still facing issues in your Registration Process, then NBE Candidate Care Support is available by phone and email.

Phone: 0124 451 7187

Available from 4 October to 12 November 2012, 9:00AM to 5:00PM from Mondays to Fridays.


Webmail support will be available from 4 October 2012 until 6 December 2012.


Please contact NBE candidate care at the alternate numbers for all your Queries.

New Helpline no: 0124-4420710 or 0124-6729500


In a letter written to the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on September 30 ,Tamil Nadu Chief Minister  Ms. Jayalalithaa said  “We  are surprised and distressed by this unilateral decision of the Government of India which has been taken without taking to account our protest and despite the stay against the Common Entrance  Test obtained in the Madras High Court”.

She has expressed distress over the Centre’s decision as it would come in the way of implementing the State’s reservation policy.

Reiterating her demand to exempt TN from the NEET, Jayalalithaa urged the PM to allow the State  to continue with its existing system as the state had reserved 50% of their post graduate medical seats for graduates pursuing their medical courses who had completed 3 years of practice in rural areas.

“Despite TN’s protest, the Centre has notified the National Board of Examination for conducting the NEET for PG courses and has gone ahead issuing  a public notice for admission to MD/MS/PG Diploma Courses for the 2013 session,” she said.