• abhi says:

    any age uppar age limit in neet ug???

  • Nikita says:

    Wheather selfstudy can give us success

  • Abraham says:

    Need more sample papers for practising for NEET – 13

  • sonu singh says:

    heyyyyyyyyy….gyzzz help pls am sonu singh am selecting choice of seats for three states 1.u.p. 2.m.p 3. hariyana but my domasile is only up.and it can not edited so wat can i do

  • himanshu verma says:

    i forget my reg. no sir now plz tell me how to check my comfirmation page.

  • Smriti says:

    Dear Administration of NEET,
    I would like to bring to your consideration that our Academic session commences from 1st April to 31st March. Why the Age criteria of NEET is not followed as per the academic session? Our Academic session does not end on 31st December of any year then age limit should be fixed to 31st March of the session of the admission.
    Secondly when the limit of sex is reduced to 16 then why 16 year child cannot write NEET? They have the judgement to establish physical relationship but they are not judgemental to write NEET. Athough the chile who is turning 17 on 31st December is equal to the child who is born on 1st January of the next year. Why during the process of admission children belonging to one age group before 31st March are not taken into consideration and calendar year is followed when academic sessions do not follow calendar year??
    I want the answer.

    • Shalini says:

      Yes I too agree with you as the kids are well aware about the latest happening and their accessibility is enhanced so they should be admitted to the school and college earlier to channelize their energies in right direction and hence there should be a reduction in the age limit of the entrance examinations especially of Medical because of the extensive time duration for the completion of the course and necessity of super-specialization. I also agree with you that academic session should be followed in NEET age limit criterion and from 31st Dec it should be shifted to 31st March, as per the session of the academic curriculum.
      thanks for such a wonderful idea

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